Monthly Archives: May 2010

Sound Art

By Alisa Saario

Recorded from the depths of an abandoned and forbidden cave in Kingston, New York, this work represents the acoustic potential found within natural environments and the destructive forces of human intervention. Most likely, the caves were  occupied by a cement manufacturer and now contain the immense metal remnants of a once booming industry.  The decayed landscape of the cave is rendered through jumping on collapsed metal shafts, breaking discarded bottles, and intervening in the space with human body and voice.

As Homage to Edith Piaf…

He wore motorbike pants and boots,
 a black leather blazer with an eagle on the back
. His motorbike went like a cannonball
, spreading terror in the entire region…Because everyone knew well how much he loved
 his bitch of a motorbike.



You can take a look at Elvia and Elena’s websites to see work we’ve done in the past.